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What is a Forklift License Training Course?

Getting an industry certified forklift license allows an individual to drive industrial equipment designed to lift and transport material such as pallets or small/large products. Our well structured forklift course is designed to prepare drivers on how to operate equipment with a complete understanding of physics, operating practices, safety procedures and rules.

Who is Required to Take Forklift License Training?

If your planning to become employed as a forklift operator you must have a proper forklift licence issued to you. As per Ontario law you are required to prove that you are trained in the handing of mobile equipment such as a forklift before beginning employment as a forklift driver. The only way to show proof of training is by taking a certified forklift training course and receiving a forklift licence.

Steps to Getting Your Forklift Licence

  1. Be at least 18 years old prior to beginning the process
  2. Find a forklift licensing school and enroll
  3. Attend and complete the theoretical/classroom component of the training. This part of the course will help you build your base knowledge of how forklifts work, how to operate a forklift, how to maintain safety in the workplace and eventually how to be a competent forklift driver
  4. Attend the practical/hands-on component of the training and learn everything you need to prove you are capable of driving a forklift safely
  5. Pass the evaluation successfully
  6. Receive your final forklift license

What is Covered in the Forklift License Training Course?

Forklift Theory

Understanding how forklifts work from an operational standpoint as well as the physics behind how heavy loads are safely transported helps forklift drivers efficiently do their job and make the most use of the machines available to them.

Practical Skills

Maximize your theoretical learning by practicing it live in a monitored environment. This hands-on training is crucial to ensuring every student graduates with the full capability to safely drive a forklift.

Workplace Safety

As with any high power tool or vehicle, safety is paramount to ensure no accidents or injuries. Our forklift course teaches students how to safely operate a forklift around other employees, narrow spaces and many other typical workplace scenarios.

How Can You Register For a Forklift Driver Training Course?

Our courses start every week and you can register by calling in, visiting our office or registering online. Once your registration is confirmed you will receive all course information required to successfully take the course.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

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