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Air Brake Endorsement Program
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Air Brake Endorsement

Air Brake Endorsement


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Who is Required to Take Z Endorsement Training?

If you are driving a vehicle fitted with either an air brake or an air-over-hydraulic brake system you are required by law to have a Z endorsement on your license.

What is a Z Endorsement License Training Course?

An air-brake endorsement or Z endorsement training course will help you safely drive any large commercial vehicle fitted with a full or partial air-brake system. While hydraulic braking systems utilize brake fluid to transmit force, in an air-braking system compressed air is used to produce the braking force applied to the trucks wheels. The mechanics, operation and safety requirements when it comes to driving an air-brake equipped truck are very different than a traditional system and a good air-brake training course will ensure you are equipped with all the necessary skills to be a safe driver.

What is Covered in an Air-Brake Training Course?

A complete air-brake certification course is made up of 8 hours of in-class theory learning and 4 hours of practical pre-trip inspection training. The total 12 hours of training are structured to ensure every driver learns the details of how air-brake mechanisms work as well as how to apply this training in a real-world scenario.

How to Register for an Air Brake Driver Training Course?

Our courses start every week and you can register by calling in, visiting our office or registering online. Once your registration is confirmed you will receive all course information required to successfully take the course.

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Our Main Teachers

Surinder Uppal, Principal Instructor, and owner of the Olympic Truck Training Centre Inc.

Max Availability : 15

Difficulty : Intermediate